Deluge of Cats

Just a few weeks ago, The Heinous Cat disappeared. I wrote about him coming home, much to our everlasting relief after being on the lam for 12 days.

Due to some very disturbing activity in our backyard the past few days, we’ve been wondering just exactly where he went and what he did while he was gone.

In just the past two days we have counted six, that’s right, SIX,  stray cats trying to make themselves at home. At first we thought we were seeing things, but nope, a head count revealed six extra cats. All big and way too friendly to be wild.

With The Heinous Cat and Miss Maizy, we really don’t want any more cats around, but the drop-in guests have been a bit reluctant to leave.

We are wavering between two theories.

1. The Heinous Cat was tired of only having Miss Maizy to swat at and be mean to so he went on a crusade to recruit some new blood. He told them it was a real happening party at his house, offering up incentives to get them to come. Unfortunately, his new recruits could all slap him into next Thursday without even blinking.

2. The Heinous Cat got lost and at every house he came to he told the resident cat about how much he missed his home and his Mama and his Captain Cavedweller. He cried about how they took such good care of him and he just wanted to find his way back home. It got the cats he talked to thinking about checking out some digs where all they are expected to do is eat, sleep and occasionally wander over for a nice back rub or head pet and they decided to come check it out.

3. Someone had way too many cats and decided to drive out in the country and dump them and they somehow ended up at our house.

Yeah, I’m going with theory number one myself.

Anyone need six stray cats?

She Who Doesn’t Like Felines Enough to Need Eight of Them

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