Dish Towels

I may have mentioned  before my somewhat odd addiction to dishes. I seem to have trouble ignoring them when they scream “buy me” from the shelves of stores.

One particular set that regularly reels me in is Old Country Roses by Royal Albert. I’ve loved this pattern for nearly forever (honestly, before Captain Cavedweller days, even).

I love the combination of the gold and rich burgundy roses with the green foliage in the background. It is just a lovely, lovely set and one I never get tired of.

Hubby, fully aware of my weird dish disorder, is always game to add to my collection. Yeah, he’s a giver and an enabler.

In a recent frenzy of spring-cleaning, I  sentenced all the dish towels in my house that I deemed beyond redemption  to the rag bag. I have been searching for some new ones I like. (Side note: would have been good to wait to throw out old ones until I had replacement towels.)

I’m not a complete dish towel snob, I just have a few requirements. 1. How absorbent is the towel? 2. How much lint does it leave behind? 3. Is it pretty? (Number three is of course very important).

Not having much luck, I had about given up on finding anything that would speak to me when this weekend Hubby casually sauntered up and asked if I ever found dishtowels I liked. When I said no, he whipped out these babies.

That perfectly match my most favorite dish pattern.

I’m pretty sure I could feel my heart melting in a puddle. No wonder I keep Captain Cavedweller around.

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