DIY Carrot Wreath

If you’re looking for an easy Easter craft, this one is it!

It took only about ten minutes to create, but it’s such a festive way to dress up your door (or a wall) for the holiday!


This “carrot” wreath made from silk tulips and an artificial fern comes together quickly for a beautiful addition to your Easter decor.


7 bunches of orange silk tulips

1 artificial fern stem

3 yards of ribbon

florist wire

florist tape (optional)

wire cutter




Cut a length of wire about 12-inches long. Place one bunch of tulips as the “end” of the carrot then wire it to the fern stem.


Continue wiring on tulip bunches, working from the bottom up toward the fern. I snipped off individual stems of tulips and wired each one when I got to the top.

If desired (which I did) wrap stems with green florist tape. It keeps the wires from poking through and also provides stability (if you don’t have green florist tape, green FROG tape or green duct tape works in a pinch!).

Fashion a bow. You can make it as fluffy or as simple as you like.

Tie onto stems with a length of ribbon about 18 inches long.

Add a piece of wire with a loop on the back for hanging.

And enjoy!



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