DIY Mirror

A few months ago, Captain Cavedweller and I happened to be wandering through an enormous antique store. I don’t know how I even noticed it, but tucked back in a corner, between a rickety chair and a gnarly bookcase was this beautiful picture frame. I loved the roses on it and knew I had to have it.


So I brought it home and started thinking about what I wanted to do with it. The frame is quite large and I didn’t have any images on hand that would fit in it.

Then I arrived at the conclusion it would make a perfect mirror for my bathroom. So I decided to paint it white (to match, because I can be weird that way).

Here are the simple directions to create your own mirror out of an old picture frame.


picture frame

small brush with soft bristles

clean soft cloth

spray paint

clear sealant

newspapers or packing paper

Step 1: If your frame is old and has any detail on it, you’ll want to get in there with a little brush and scrub out all the years (decades!) of dust and lint.  I ended up washing mine off with a light spray of water then let dry overnight. Depending on the material your frame is made from, you may want to avoid getting it wet.


Step 2: Cover the surface where you’ll be painting the frame with old newspapers or packing paper. Use the paint color of your choice (I wanted a matte look, so I went with flat white paint that could be used on multi-surfaces.) and give the frame a light coat. Let dry. Give it another coat. Repeat until you are satisfied with the results. Give it one coat of a clear sealant spray (if desired).

Step 3: Add a hanger to the back if it doesn’t already have one then take the frame to a glass shop and have a mirror cut to fit. It cost about $15 for a piece of glass at our local shop. Many shops will attached the mirror for you. If not, be prepared to either glue it or fasten it into the frame.

Step 4: Hang it up and be proud of your efforts! (And yes, I thought the reflection of the bedroom mirror in the bathroom mirror was kind of fun!)

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