DIY One-Hour Loop Yarn Scarf

Once in a blue moon I get a random desire to do something with yarn.

Then I remember knitting needles terrify me, and crochet hooks and I aren’t close friends.

That’s why, when I was at a craft store a few weeks ago, I picked up a skein of loop yarn.

If you are unfamiliar with loop yarn, you can do fun things with it and you don’t have to use any kind of needle or hook. How awesome is that! (And for those of you who have been using this since it was invented, my apologies for not getting on the bandwagon sooner!).

I sat down one evening and made a scarf in an hour.

An hour!

The other day I ordered some more yarn and made another scarf – in an hour!

For someone with limited time for crafts, the speed at which you can do this (while watching TV or reading, etc., is all kinds of wonderful!).

I will say that not all loop yarns are created equal.

If you are looking for an inexpensive yarn just to test out, try Lion Brand Yarns. I used two skeins to make a scarf.

If you want something that is nice quality and has a great, soft, luxurious feel, I loved the Bernat alize Blanket-EZ yarn.


Yarn (2 skeins)




(Notes for getting started)

  • The right side of the project is facing you at all times.
  • The ‘working yarn’ is held behind stitches throughout work.
  • Loops from working yard are always pulled through stitches from back to front.

Decide how long you want your scarf to be then use the clip to mark what will be the “end” of the scarf.


Begin pulling loops through from back to front. Make sure you catch each loop. Don’t pull them too tight or you’ll end up with your scarf rounding on one side.

Work loops to end of row then work back to the clip, then continue until scarf is the width you desire.

For a finished edge, working in the same direction as the last row, pull second loop through first loop in that row. Pull third through second, fourth through third, until you reach the end of the row. Cut a few loops off the yarn to create a tail then tie to secure and weave in ends so they blend into the scarf.

If you like a loopy edge (which I did), you can simple tie off the end at the last row, trim a few loops, then weave the tail into the scarf.

That’s it! Easy-peasy to make a beautiful, warm scarf!

If you give it a whirl, let me know!

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