DIY Snowman Cookies & Cocoa Gift Set

My cousin and his lovely wife gave us this cute Snowman gift set for Christmas.

I thought it was such a clever idea!

The snowman hides a box of cookies and the four little jars hold cocoa and assorted toppings.


1 box of cookies (any kind will work if the box is rectangular)

2 eyes

1 piece of orange foam

3 buttons

1-2 pieces of fleece or felt

white paper



4 test tube jars


mini chocolate chips

crushed peppermint

cocoa mix



Wrap cookie box with white paper. Stand upright.

Create hat by cutting a 4-inch wide by 8-inch long piece of fleece or felt. Glue the edges together in the back. (You can also use the toe of a sock for this. Just cut it above the heel and roll the cut edge up a few times and glue). Tie a second piece of fleece or a ribbon around the hat about half way down, then settle onto the box.

Cut a one-inch wide by 10-inch long piece of fleece or felt (or ribbon) for a scarf. Tie around the box.

Above the scarf, glue eyes. Cut a triangle shaped nose from orange foam and glue on. Below the scarf, glue on three buttons.

Fill four tubes (which you can order from Amazon or find at craft stores) with the cocoa and goodies. Add cocoa to one, mini chocolate chips to the second, marshmallows to the third, and crushed peppermint to the last. Tie them together with a wide ribbon. Add accents like candy canes if desired.

And you’ve got a cute gift all ready for sharing!

How’s that for a fun DIY snowman  adventure!



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  1. Hi Shanna!
    I received a text on messenger saying I won the Funfriday gratitude jar…. I’m so excited I won! I’m sending this to you because my Facebook was hacked & I wanted to make sure you got this & no one else.
    Thank you so much for all the fun things you share & the chances to win special things! You are truly a very special lady! Blessings on you & yours! Bobbie Coursey

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