DIY Sock Snowman Sweetheart

Since my sweet winter romance The Snowman’s Sweetheart will release soon, I thought it would be fun to share a craft idea to make your own Snowman’s Sweetheart!

This little cutie didn’t take much time to make, and he is adorable!


white rice

red and white striped sock

plain white sock



rubber bands


cotton balls

drinking glass

toothpick or skewer

orange paint or marker

black buttons (2)

heart (sticker, wooden, or button)

blush on a Q-tip



Start by cutting the white sock. You just need the foot portion, up to the heel.

Line the glass with the sock, then fill it with rice. I think I used about two cups.

Use the rubber bands to make the body and head sections.

Cut the striped sock right at the heel. The foot part will become the hat. The top of the sock will become the scarf. And a striped section will become the tail of the scarf. Snip this piece open so it is one long piece.

Slip the top white piece of the sock around the neck, then loop the scarf tail through it.

Glue eyes in place. I liked mine set a little closer together. Color the skewer tip orange, then cut it so it is just long enough to poke into the head. Glue in place.

If desired, add a little pink to the snowman’s cheeks by touching his cheeks with a Q-tip that has blush on the end. It won’t take much!

Loosen cotton balls by pulling on them, then stuff into the toe of the sock. Tie with a piece of string to create a pom. I used two cotton balls.

Roll up cut edge of the hat and glue. When the glue is dried, roll up a second time and glue in place.

Add the hat to your snowman when glue is dry.

And there you have your own adorable DIY Sock Snowman Sweetheart!


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10 Responses

  1. Shanna, this snowman is just too cute. I might have to give it a try is Robert can find the right red striped sock and other materials It is just way too cute and I bet my daughter would love one also. Great idea.

    1. It is so cute – and a fun Valentine’s gift, too! I ordered the striped sock from Amazon (came in a package of 5), but I did see some (after I ordered it) at the local craft store. If you make it, I hope you have fun with it!

  2. I love this snowman Shanna. Will have to make one for my daughter as she collects snowmen. Thank you for sharing.

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