DIY Solar Light

Last year, a friend shared a social media post that showed off an old chandelier turned into a solar light outside.


Alas, finding a chandelier to convert into a solar light in my price range was a challenge. I wasn’t willing to spend a few – or several – hundred dollars for a chandelier I intended to take apart.

Then, we happened to be in an antique shop and found a cute little candle holder in my budget (less than $20).

Because it held candles instead of being electric, it even better for the purposes of my project because there wasn’t any wiring to remove.


The solar lights were a couple bucks each. The only other thing I needed was super glue. I pulled the solar lights off their stakes, made sure to turn them on, then glued them into the holder.

After a day of charging, the light flickered on just as the sun sank into the horizon.

I love having this on our patio table. It’s so pretty!


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