DIY Tissue Box Cover

I know I’m weird, but sometimes the only boxes of facial tissue I can find at the store are so hideously ugly, I cringe as I purchase them. I decided I needed a way to disguise this problem.

This DIY Tissue box cover is so easy to make and the great thing is, you can choose whatever color and pattern speaks to your heart. I used scrapbook paper, but wrapping paper, or cloth would work, too!


3-4 sheets scrapbook paper

wooden tissue box cover

Mod Podge

foam brush (small)



Optional: glue, spray adhesive, and trim


Place the wooden box on the scrapbook paper. Measure to the exact width and height of the sides and top and cut the paper to fit the box. The paper I used was wide enough to cover two sides without cutting it, so it wrapped it around.

You can use Mod Podge to initially glue the paper to the box, or (if you are impatient like me) you can give it a coat of spray adhesive to hold it on.

Following the directions on the Mod Podge jar, coat the paper. I gave mine a few extra coats since I know it might get wet in the bathroom.

If desired, add trim around the top opening and down the sides of the box to hide the raw paper edges.

See more details about the project on Pinterest.

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