DIY Valentine Heart

I love Valentine’s Day and I miss the days when I used to get to make Valentine’s and decorate shoe boxes to hold all the fun little cards from my classmates.

So I decided to make a fun Valentine’s Day project the other day.

It took me longer to pick out the trim than it did to make this (with a little help from Captain Cavedweller).

You still have time to make a few of these to give as sweet gifts or enjoy yourself!


Canvas or board


Lace trim

Heart Doily

Ribbon or Flowers

Staple Gun





Cut fabric to fit canvas leaving about two inches of overlap on each side.

Fold fabric over the edge and staple inside the frame (this is where Captain Cavedweller came in handy).


Continue pulling fabric taut and stapling one side at a time.


For the corners, fold like you were wrapping a gift box, tucking the edges under then staple inside the frame.

And if you want this to look really crisp and sharp, press your fabric before you get started on the project. When you are finished, your canvas should look something like this.

Then glue the heart in the center (or however you like). Get as fancy or keep it as simple as you like when adding embellishments. Add a hanger on the back of the canvas and you are ready to give a special gift to your sweetheart!




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