DIY Western Gift Tags


Captain Cavedweller and I attended a leather show a few years ago. It was such a great event, and I came home with a bag full of hide scraps. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the leather pieces, but they were just so neat, I had to buy some!

Turns out, they make wonderful gift tags!

Here’s what you need to get started: spray adhesive, a cutting mat, a sharp knife, cardstock, cookie cutters (or a shape to draw a pattern) pieces of hide-on leather, although this would work with regular leather, too. And leather string for tying on packages.

Using a sharp knife (an Exacto works great), cut around your pattern on the leather.

Then cut the same pattern on the cardstock.


Use spray adhesive to adhere the cardstock to the back of the ornament.

Cut a small hole into the top of the ornament with the knife.

Add a length of leather string.


And you are set for giving gifts some fun western flair!

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