Don’t be an April Fool

Tomorrow is April’s Fools Day. A day celebrated around the world on April 1.

Sometimes referred to as All Fool’s Day, it is not a legal holiday. Instead it is a day that tolerates practical jokes, many pranks and much running amuck.

Supposedly, the day is marked by good humor and funny jokes, tricks and good-natured ribbing. The variety and depth depends entirely on those partaking in the frivolity.

I will admit that I have participated in the shenanigans of the day in past years, sometimes on the giving end and sometimes on the receiving end.

The  April Fool’s Day I remember the most is the year I played a nasty joke on my dad. Like me, he loves sweets and is unable to pass by candy, especially things like chocolate covered nuts.

Mom had a bag of frozen peas in the freezer, so with a little effort, I managed to melt some chocolate and dip each frozen pea, completely covering it and making it look like a very round and somewhat mutated peanut drenched in chocolate. When Daddy came in for dinner, I had the bowl of the “candy” strategically placed so he couldn’t miss it. Sure enough, he walked in and took a handful of candy and popped it in his mouth.  I believe there was probably much spluttering, spewing and quite likely a threat or two made about the ability of me being able to sit down in the very near future.

After seeing the look of revulsion and disgust on his face, I have since refrained from messing with food on April Fool’s Day. It really was cruel and unusual punishment.

So however you celebrate the (or hide from it, as the case may be), I hope you don’t encounter any chocolate covered peas.

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