Dreaming in Color

“Dreamin’ in color but livin’ in black and white…”

That’s a line from a song and for whatever reason, that line has been resonating both in my head and heart recently.

How many of us spend our entire lives living in black and white?

Maybe we stay in a colorless world because it feels safe or comfortable. It might be the way we were raised or conditioned. It might be because fear of the unknown holds us back.

But what would happen if we one day decide that we no longer like just black and white? What if we decided the vivid full-color brilliance of our dreams is worth stepping out of our flat existence to explore?

What if we take that first step, then the next and the next toward discovering the million shades of colors waiting in our dreams and made them our reality instead? What if we embraced what we could  be, became intent on our purpose and lived life as we always imagined?

What if we let every hue of the rainbow permeate our heart and soul and really, really allowed ourselves to live life instead of just dream it?

I think I’m ready to give it a try…

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