Dreams For Courage Character Inspiration

Today, I’m happy to share the inspiration behind the characters for  Dreams For Courage.

When I was thinking about the characters for this story, I had some basics in mind.

Rowan Reed is a loner. Someone who is a little sad and broken. But he’s also a good man, and one with a big, caring heart.

His face needed to reflect that.

When I happened across a photo of Derek Jaeschke, he seemed to absolutely perfect for Rowan’s character. There’s that whole rugged handsome thing going on.

But there is something in those eyes and that face that says “take the time to get to know me” which is such a reflection of Rowan and where he is in his life.

Rhetta is a strong, intelligent woman who does a job that is unusual for females of that time. As a private detective, she is a part actress, part sleuth, part  problem solver, and part businesswoman. She’s also a mother to a pickpocket street urchin she took in when he needed a home.

Not just anyone would do for Rhetta.

So, when I saw photos of Carla Trujillo, she seemed like my ideal Rhetta.

Not only is she lovely, but a smile transforms her face, just like our Rhetta.

As for Lee, Rhetta’s adopted son, I chose Ty Simpkins. He’s a cute kid, and a great actor, and seemed so right for Lee’s character.

Check out the Pinterest board for more visuals that inspired the story.

And if you haven’t yet read the book, I hope you’ll check it out!

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