Dreams of Love Character Inspiration

I wanted to share the inspiration behind the characters in Dreams of Love today.

Marshal Dillon Durant made his first appearance in Holiday Hope. In that story, he got into a shoot-out and helped take down a bad guy. So we already know he’s a real hero type of hero.

What we didn’t know from before was what he looked like.

I decided he should have dark and dark looks.

When I saw this photo of Nick Luebke, I knew I’d found my inspiration for Dillon. He’s exactly how I picture Holiday’s lawman.

He’s handsome, and has that lived a lot of life look to him, but there’s a softer side in there.

One Zara brings out.

When I was thinking Zara’s character, I knew I wanted her to have blonde hair. Beyond that, I was open to ideas.

When I happened upon this image of Molly Bonell, I knew I’d found the perfect inspiration for Zara. She is exactly how I envision her.

She’s beautiful and has that look of underlying strength that Zara possesses.

If you’d like to see more visual inspiration from the story, check out my Pinterest Board.

And it you haven’t read the book yet, I hope you’ll check it out!

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