Driving Around

The other night Captain Cavedweller and I went for a drive.

Since I climbed behind the wheel, I handed CC my camera and told him to take photos.

We started out the trip by stopping to visit some new residents who moved in just down the road.

alpacas 1

They are cool and distant, ignore us, and on occasion stick their tongues out at us.


Our neighbors recently added not one, not two, but eight alpacas to their farm.

As we drive to work, we gawk at them every single morning.

They fascinate us so.

Next, we headed off to an area rich with wine grapes and wheat farms.

vineyard and wind machines

If you look really hard, you can almost see the wind turbines on the hills in the background.

The grapes right now are lush and green and so pretty against the blue sky.

Blue Mountains 2

We also admired the growing wheat with the mountains in the distance. Just a few weeks ago, the tops of the hills were still dusted with snow.

Blue Mountains

But now they provide a perfect green backdrop to the surrounding farmland.

She Who Likes Taking a Backroad

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