Dukes of Hazard

As some of you might know from my post earlier this week, we have a new storage barn and a stack of plastic storage tubs and boxes that need to find homes inside it.

Someone (guilty party right here) got the brilliant idea that before the tubs and boxes go into the storage shed, each one should be opened and sorted through. For organizational purposes and the hope of getting rid of a bunch of unnecessary stuff, this plan was agreed to, albeit reluctantly, by Captain Cavedweller.

After a week of sorting and only making it through about a third of the pile, I’m about ready to toss it all in the barn, shut the door, and pretend all is well.

As we’ve been sorting through junk, I’ve found a varied assortment of fascinating things. I’ll probably share some of them in a future blog post. You see, both my family and CC’s sometimes hand us a box or a storage tub as we’re just almost out the door when we are there for a visit. And in the rush to get home, unpack, etc., we apparently haven’t taken time to go through all the contents of those boxes and tubs. Because I’ve found things I have never, ever seen before. CC has no idea where they came from either. (Hmmm… maybe someone is sneaking their unwanted treasures into our piles of worthless stuff when we aren’t looking!)

At any rate, as I was pawing through a box of stuff from my childhood, I found a half-used roll of Dukes of Hazard tape (like Scotch tape, except with scenes from the television show printed on it!).


Please tell me someone else had this tape! This is what it looked like new (although mine didn’t come from Walmart because we didn’t have one in our area back then.)

Anyhoooo – finding the tape made me think about the television show that my whole family loved.


From 1979 until 1985 when the television show went off the air, I was a diehard Dukes of Hazard fan.

There, I admitted it. I feel so much better now!

As I journeyed from a little girl to my adolescent years, the show was a weekly dose of fun as the Duke boys tore around in their awesome orange General Lee car.


My particular favorite on the show was John Schneider as Bo Duke. Oh, his golden head and  blue eyes made my pre-teen heart pitter patter. I had a crush on him before I even fully understood what a crush was.

I wasn’t the only one. My oldest niece (just a few years behind me in age) who also happened to be my frequent cohort in crime was equally daffy over the Dukes.

Often our games of pretend (because if we wanted to be entertained, we made our own by playing outside) centered around being caught up in some scenario where we were rescued by the Duke boys.


A favorite part of any show was when one of them slid across the hood of the General Lee and climbed inside the window.

We so longed to do that, but the day my mom found us sliding across the hood of her Oldsmobile, she put a stop to our fun immediately. The two alternatives were sliding across the hood of my dad’s Chevy pickup (which we tried, but it really hurt when you hit the ground from that high and it made it impossible to climb in the window which had to be part of the routine and could only be achieved by first climbing into the back of the pickup and swinging in via the top of the tool box).

The second alternative was my brother’s pristine mustang that flies dared not even leave specks on for the fear of what he would do to them. That car would have been the perfect stand-in for General Lee, but headlines across the nation would have read something to the effect of: “Two little girls murdered for Dukes of Hazarding man’s mustang!”

I can’t tell you how many times we stood in the carport, eyeing my brother’s car, wondering if he really would carry out the laundry list of threats he’d issued if we touched the mustang.

Evidently, he’s pretty convincing because we never did slide across it, or climb in the window, or breathe directly on the paint, or…

Anyway, I just thought it was kind of fun to take a little stroll down memory lane and decided to drag you along.

Stay tuned… as we make our way through all that junk (yes, junk!), I’ll keep you posted!

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