Easter Egg Hunt Party

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt Party can be a fun excuse to gather family and friends together for a casual get-together. Here are some unique ideas to make your party memorable.

•Make it an evening affair with adults. Try Easter Egg hunting in the dark and gather some fun prizes for unique awards like the most broken eggs, least number collected, etc.

•Ask everyone to bring their own basket so you won’t have to go to the expense of purchasing one for all attendees. Tell them to dress them up and have a best basket contest with  a prize.

•Keep the event casual by serving a buffet-style meal. If you do it in the morning offer a brunch, afternoon and evening offer easy finger foods like deviled eggs, pitas, fruit kabobs.

•Keep decorations simple with a vase full of tulips and glass bowls filled with jelly beans. Try making jelly bean centerpieces for a fun touch.

•Use plastic eggs if you are hunting so you don’t have to worry about food safety. This also gives you the opportunity to hide goodies in the eggs like candy, notes, dollar bills or other prizes. If you are filling the eggs for kids, go to the dollar store and get some stickers, jacks or other little toys.

Enjoy and celebrate safely!

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