Eight Days in Hardman


I started writing the next book in the Hardman Holidays series Sept. 20.

I finished writing the first-draft of the book last night.

If you follow me on Facebook, I tried to post a daily word count.

Due to life (and some fun) getting in the way, I actually worked on the book a total of eight days.

Final word count came in at 70,573 – which will be different by the time the final product is ready for your reading pleasure.

Today, I thought I’d share just a little peek into the story.

Title colorHere is the title of the book.

Captain Cavedweller helped brainstorm “Calamity.”

It’s such a fun word to say, isn’t it?

Snowy background lrThe story begins just outside the town of Hardman. This is a photo I took when we visited Hardman, just a few miles out of town. I added the sunset and there wasn’t snow on the ground that day – but the sagebrush and mountains were all there!

ARlan attired

Many of you will recall Arlan Guthry from the first two books in the series. Arlan is Luke Granger’s assistant at the bank. He’s smart, kind, witty, and enjoys working with numbers. He also maintains a certain personal dress code of always looking his best. This outfit¬† reminded me of Arlan. Mostly conservative with a little flair.

Alex 2Meet Alexandra Kassia Janowski… better known as Alex the Amazing! She is a prestidigitator who performs Phantasmagorical Wonders of Mystery, Intrigue, and Miracles.

I think you’re going to like Alex. She’s spunky, funny, sassy and about to set the residents of Hardman on their ears.

Stay tuned… I’ll be sharing more about the book in the next few weeks with plans to have it available for your reading pleasure in mid-November.



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