Emily’s Chance

Sharon Gillenwater is a talented writer who has the unique ability to make the characters in her stories seem like friends and neighbors. People down the street or down the road that you enjoy getting to know.

I’ve been reading her series, The Callahans of Texas, and enjoying it immensely.

Jenna’s Cowboy is first up in the series followed by Emily’s Chance.

While I enjoyed the first novel, I loved the second one.

Chance Callahan meets Emily  as a fire sweeps through the small town of Callahan Crossing. Emily has just arrived as the new museum director and is frantically trying to save what artifacts she can before the fire reaches the building. Chance happens to see her and rushes to help her. It is love at first sight, even if Emily has a hard time coming around to the idea of life in a small town and loving Chance.

She comes from a well-to-do family with aspirations of working in a large museum and is just looking at her current position as way to further her career and build her resume. Emily falls in love with Chance, despite her plans, and then must make a choice of doing what will please her parents or listening to her heart and God’s leading.

Gillenwater does a great job with both the story and the characters, but I think one of the things that I liked the most about the stories was Chance’s inner dialogue about how a gentleman behaves. It was just sweet and endearing.

If you are looking for a wholesome romance with a happy ending, give Emily’s Chance, and the series a try. I’m going to have to read Megan’s Hero next to finish up the series!

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