Everything’s Coming Up Roses

If you’ve read my blog at all you have probably gathered from my ramblings that I like roses.

A lot.

As in they bring me ridiculous amounts of joy. They make me smile. They draw me into a wistful state and leave me floating in  blissful summer dreams.

We’ve had not only an unseasonable amount of cool weather but also some vicious wind that wreaked havoc on my poor roses.

Entire branches were broken off, poor little buds were beaten without mercy and I’m not convinced the two escaped convicts (aka the neighbor dogs) didn’t use them as some sort of sadistic demolition course.

I was surprised when I went out and found several roses blossoming despite all the challenges they’ve faced this spring.

Unable to stop myself, I cut a bouquet and brought it in the house where the scent led me into a somewhat euphoric state that Captain Cavedweller had to push me out of – at least long enough to make his dinner.

She Who Loves Roses

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