Evie Characters

The character inspiration for Evie all started when I first landed on the idea of a fun-loving nanny. I had a vague idea of what I wanted her to look like.

Dark hair. Freckles. Big smile. Outdoorsy more than someone who enjoyed needlepoint. Tall. Willowy.

Then I thought of Evangeline Lilly.

She would be so perfect for Evie!

And she was. She is just I picture Evie in my head.

Especially that smile!

And the image I used for the cover just went so well with the ideas already whipping around in my head.

Once I knew where I’d draw my inspiration for Evie, I needed to find someone equally as awesome for Flynn.

After searching and looking and searching some more, I landed on someone who fit Flynn so well.

Sean O’Pry is just so… Flynn.

Is it any wonder Evie fell head over heels in love with him?

How could she resist?

For the children in the story, I turned to vintage photos I found on Pinterest.

I thought she made a perfect Peg.

And this little cowboy stole my heart as Puck.

This is a little older than Bee would have been, but close enough it worked! (And if the caption on the original photo is correct, this is Lucille Ball!)

If you haven’t yet read Evie, I hope you’ll consider giving Evie and Flynn’s story a chance.

Also, give a listen to this awesome song I listened to while I wrote the story. It just seemed so fitting for Evie and Flynn.


Oh, and don’t forget to check out my board on Pinterest!


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