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A few years ago a good friend sent me the most wonderful e-card. It was animated with music and was just over the top. I loved it!

After doing a little investigating I found out she sent it through Jacquie Lawson’s website.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend a website that requires a fee for the services, but this site is awesome.

For $12 a year, you can send as many cards as you want and they are absolutely amazing. You can personalize the cards and also send them in groups.

I’ve been using the service for almost two years and I love it! The people I send the cards to always comment about how fun or sweet or different they are.

Check it out at jacquielawson.com

Hint: Guys, if you have done nothing else to prepare for Mother’s Day, you can send a fabulous card to your wife, Mom, grandmothers and aunts with the quick click of your mouse!

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