Falling Leaves, Falling Prices on Clean Books!


Clean Indie Reads, the home of Flinch-Free Fiction, is having a Fall Sale October 5 thru October 11!

Check out all the sale books here.

To celebrate, participating authors are joining in a fun blog hop where you can learn more about some of the authors and their books.

The Books

For my part in the sale, I’m offering Learnin’ The Ropes for 99 cents and reminding everyone that Heart of Clay is available Free!

Learnin the Ropes cover 09-12Have you ever been desperate?
It can lead to choices you might otherwise never make…
Learnin’ the Ropes – Out of work and out of luck, auto mechanic Ty Lewis responds in a moment of desperation to a classified ad for a job in Harney County, Oregon. Offered the position on a remote ranch, he bids goodbye to his sister and his life in Portland. When he arrives in the tiny community of Riley to begin a new adventure, he encounters the behemoth dog that rules the ranch although he has yet to meet his boss, an elusive employer named Lex Ryan.

Lexi Ryan, known to her ranch hands and neighbors as Lex Jr., leaves behind a successful career in Portland to keep the Rockin’ R Ranch running smoothly after the untimely death of her father. It doesn’t take long to discover her father did many crazy things during the last few months before he died, like hiding half a million dollars that Lexi can’t find.

Ty and Lexi are both in for a few surprises as he arrives at the Rockin’ R Ranch and begins learnin’ the ropes.

Meet Ty and Lexi   with these character sheets or check out their board on Pinterest.

Even better, go grab your copy of the book for just 99 cents! Seriously, if you like hunky guys, sassy girls, and dogs with awesome character, you’ll want to check this out.

Download it on:


Barnes & Noble



Heart of Clay Have you ever kept a secret?

Deception wars with love in this sweet contemporary western romance.

Heart of Clay – Strong-willed, successful and determined, Callan Matthews lives the facade of a happy, wonderful life. Unfortunately, unbridled chaos runs amuck in the deep, dark places of her heart as she struggles to keep herself together. Her once beloved husband, Clay, tugs relentlessly at the last few threads keeping her from completely unraveling. His laid-back attitude only serves to drive her further away instead of drawing her back into his arms.

   Easy-going cowboy Clay Matthews is a respected college professor. He’s the man family and friends turn to for help, or when they need a good laugh, since he’s a huge tease and practical joker. Life would be almost perfect, except for his relationship with his wife. Clay is completely baffled by Callan. He thought he knew everything there was to know about this woman but she’s turned into a mystifying female he barely understands. He’d give just about anything to recapture the feelings they used to share, but she seems to want no part of it.

   Just when he decides to get to the root of the problem no matter the outcome, he discovers a secret she kept from him that’s too painful to bear and too big to forgive. Will their love be strong enough to withstand a revelation that could rock the foundation of their marriage?

Meet Callan and Clay in their character worksheets or check out The Women of Tenacity board on Pinterest.

Heart of Clay is the first book in The Women of Tenacity series and is FREE! Download it on:


Barnes & Noble



Participating bloggers are also asked to answer the question: Do the changing seasons influence your writing and/or choice of books to read?

My response: Absolutely! The seasons influence both my reading and writing although with my writing, I sometimes find myself writing a holiday book when the temperature outside is sweltering and I’d much rather eat Popsicles than sip hot chocolate. I definitely love reading books according to the season, though. I can hardly wait to get started reading Christmas stories as the holiday approaches.


For my prize drawing, I’m giving away the winner’s choice of any two of my books in digital format. To enter to win, go to my Amazon author page and like it then post the number below, or like my Facebook page and post “liked” below, or share one thing you love about the autumn season! If you do all three, you get three chances to win!

Make sure you visit the other blogs for more fun prizes – and remember all these books are clean! If you enjoy reading any of these books (including mine) let others know by posting reviews. It’s one of the best things you can do for authors!

Happy Hopping!

Blog Schedule

(please note: not all bloggers will be offering giveaways):

October 5:

Linda Covella

Mary Ellen Bramwell

Tina Webb

Logan Crowe

October 6:

Tara Fairfield

Barbara A. Martin

Christina Lorenzen

Shanna Hatfield

October 7:

Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember

Chrystal Lynn Miles Gauthier

Zelda Benjamin

October 8:

Kelley Crandall

Jennifer Pitkin

Mari Barnes

October 9:

Sharon Skretting

James DiBenedetto

Melanie Snitker

October 10:

Felicia Rogers

Ruth O’Neil

Debbie Brown

October 11:

Faith Blum

Kristin Wallace

Elizabeth Kaiser

Disclaimer: Comment by 11:59:59 PM Central time on October 10, 2014 for your chance to win. Please leave your email address with your comment. Winners will be contacted by the blog owner by October 13, 2014. Only one entry per ISP address. The contest is open to international readers unless stated by the blog owner. No purchase necessary to enter. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. The giveaway is the sole responsibility of the blogger. Clean Indie Reads is in no way responsible for providing prizes during this blog hop. Void where prohibited.

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