Farm Girl is FREE!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be sprayed by skunks, chased by an irate cow, or really have ants in your pants?

Find out in Farm Girl!

It’s FREE on Amazon for Kindle downloads Aug. 13-17. Don’t miss out on some fun rural humor (and more than a few embarrassing moments!).

Farm Girl

Farm Girl CoverWhat happens when a farmer who’s been wishing for a boy ends up with a girlie-girl?

Come along on the humorous and sometimes agonizing adventures from a childhood spent on a farm in the Eastern Oregon desert where one family raised hay, wheat, cattle, and a farm girl.




Praise for Farm Girl:

“Oh my Gosh!!! This is so funny!!! I am half way through the book and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Shanna has a very special gift of story telling and she shares childhood memories with us. Laughter is good for the soul … I recommend Farm Girl !!! Again Shanna thank you for sharing some very funny, embarrassing stories.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Shanna Hatfield is an amazing author and after having read so many of her novels it was wonderful to read about her personal childhood. I can imagine where many of her story lines originate from as I read her adventures of her family’s farm.”

Amazon Reviewer

“For those of you who could not possibly believe in the life of a little girl who grew up on a farm and actually LIKED it, read this! I found myself on more than one occasion, laughing out loud. The touching relationship between father and daughter is so special that I almost felt as though I was an interloper into their little secerets, “Don’t tell Mom!” Shanna tells her story through her own eyes as a young girl and fills it with fresh and joyful interpretations of the seemingly mundane. What could possibly be ordinary about goats, cats, skunks and …shrew? Oh, now, THAT one you DON’T want to miss! I couldn’t get that vision out of my head for days!!! No spoilers, here, you just HAVE to read this. It is like nothing I’ve read in a while. Kudos to Shanna for sharing, and I hope her father enjoys it only half as much as her readers will! He had the good fortune to live it, we can only read about it and, sigh, wish we could have grown up like that too!”

Amazon Reviewer


“Let’s see you whip Rocket into shape,” Hayes said, stepping back and nodding his head to Hank.
Hank pulled his hat down on his head, tugged on his gloves, and gave one last look around, like he hoped divine intervention would keep him from riding to his death.
Motioning for Marcy to keep the kids at a safe distance away, Hayes waited until Hank had his left foot in the stirrup and was swinging his right leg over the back of the horse before he gave Rocket a firm smack on the hindquarters.
The show the horse and rider put on for eager spectators could have packed a full house. Although completely unrehearsed and not choreographed in any way, the intricate steps and mind-blowing moves were previously unseen in our hemisphere and most likely won’t be again.
Rocket, who appeared to have every intention of living up to his name, shot straight up in the air so high, our heads craned back to keep from missing any of the spectacular exhibition.
On his way back down to earth, the horse went through a series of dance moves that included the foxtrot, tango, and the hokey-pokey.


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