Fatal Judgment

Fatal Judgment by Irene Hannon is not a book I would typically read.

There isn’t anything sparkly or pink about it. I’ll even fess up that it was a freebie I downloaded and decided it sounded interesting, so I gave it a whirl.

I was hooked at the first page and had a hard time putting this down.

Hannon did a great job with the plot as well as developing strong, fascinating characters.

Here is the book’s description:

U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he’d rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward Liz haven’t warmed in the five years since she lost her husband–and Jake’s best friend–to possible suicide. How can Jake be expected to care for the coldhearted workaholic who drove his friend to despair?As the danger mounts and Jake gets to know Liz better, his feelings slowly start to change. When it becomes clear that an unknown enemy may want her dead, the stakes are raised. Because now both her life–and his heart–are in mortal danger.

This romantic suspense has a Christian based theme, which I appreciated.

The action starts at the beginning and carries through the entire book with a drive that keeps you turning one page right after the other.

If you’re looking for a very well written book high on suspense and sprinkled with a great romance, give this one a try.

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