Favorite Holiday Recipes

I realize with the temps hovering in the 90s that it is hard to even stir up any interest in the holidays, but I’m hoping a few of you will humor me today.

I’m interested in knowing what are some of your favorite holiday recipes or traditions.

What recipe do you have to make or it just isn’t Christmas?

What traditions do you follow every year?

What new traditions have you started?

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

I’ll start the ball rolling… I must make sugar cookies at some point during the holiday season. It isn’t an option. I’m sure if I didn’t the world would slip off its axis or some other tragedy would descend upon life as we know it… at least at my house. Generally, Captain Cavedweller can’t even wait until the cookies are decorated to start devouring them.

Let me know what you love to make (or your family insists you make) during the holidays, what one tradition you couldn’t give up.

She Who is Eagerly Awaiting Your Responses

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