February Reading List

“Love is a Many-Splendored Thing,” or so the old song goes.

And it is.

Love, in all it’s shapes and forms and varieties, is a many-splendored thing. It’s a beautiful thing. Without love, how would we have hope or happiness or blessings or joy?

Romantic love is always high on my list (I do write sweet romances, after all), but there are also so many other kids of love to consider.

The love of a parent for a child. Love among siblings. Love among friends. Love for a neighbor. Love for a beloved pet. Love of country. Self-love. Selfless Love. Even children’s books have themes of love.

As a challenge (or a list) for this month full of love, here are some ideas of books you can read to expand your love horizons:

Selective focus on the pile of books with the flowers on the top of it lying on the wooden surface

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