See all those feet in the photo?

They were all gathered together for a girl’s getaway and two of them belonged to me.

My fabulous auntie, four of my cousins and yours truly drove from a three-state area to meet for two days of shopping, eating, laughing, crying and girl-time.

It was beyond wonderful.

This tradition started a few years ago when my cousin wanted to do something special for his mom for Christmas. He contacted a couple of us  (us being girl cousins) to see if we’d be willing to take Aunt Robbie and do something fun with her like a day of shopping. That morphed into a night stay at a half-way point where we ate, shopped and enjoyed one another immensely.

In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we decided to do it every year. I think this year was the best gathering yet because my cousin’s fiancée was able to join us. Even though she got stuck rooming with me, she had a good time and promised to come back next year.

As we were packing up the vehicles the morning we were getting ready to leave, we took some silly photos. This was one of them.

I like how this photo shows how very different we all are, but still united in a circle of love and friendship. You’d never guess it from the photo but you are looking at a pair of 78-year-old feet, a pair of feet that belong to a new grandmother, a pair of feet that belong to someone recently engaged with the most gorgeous engagement ring, a pair of feet that belong to someone recently retired, a pair of feet that belong to someone who amazes us all in her triumph over health issues, and a pair of feet that belong to someone who is so very grateful to be a part of this group of strong, loving, giving women.

Thanks, Girls, for an awesome weekend I’ll long remember.

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