Fighting Like Cats and Dogs


The other day our neighbor’s dog, Stinky, decided to come over for a visit. She hadn’t been over for a long time, and it was nice to see her.

I found a stick and tossed it for her to fetch so many times I thought she might wear a path through the jungle-like grass that is currently our backyard. It was somewhat surprising to discover she slobbers even more than the Heinous Cat which made tossing that stick somewhat challenge for someone with an elevated “Ewww!” factor.

Drooley (aka) The Heinous Cat

Speaking of the Heinous Cat, as soon as the dog appeared, he came rip-roaring up to me and stood with his fur on end, tail swishing and eyes narrowed. Deciding he could take a dog 10 times his size, he growled and took off after Stinky.  The dog, however, thought the cat was playing and ran around yipping happily then turned and tried to chase the cat.

The cat threw on the brakes and beat a hasty retreat behind me.

This activity was repeated no less than a dozen times when the Heinous Cat’s other mortal enemy, the interloper, arrived on the scene.

Miss Maizy

She made a dash for a corner of the back patio and took refuge there, hoping to ignore the dog and the crazy cat.

Tiring of their game, Stinky, flopped down on the patio, slurped up the water in the water dish and prepared for round two.

By this time, both cats and jumped on top of the patio table and sat cowering together.  It was one of the  few times I’ve actually seen them willingly get within striking distance of each other without striking. Sitting close together, you could almost hear their conversation… “If I jump on her back, can you take the head? I think we can take her down. Come on, let’s show her who’s boss.”

The dog barked, the cats yowled and ran off toward the lilac bush for cover.

I threw the dog her slobbery stick and decided I’d had enough fun for one day.

She Who Kind of Likes the Stinky

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