Finding Dacey

Dacey Cover 1

When I decided to join in with the American Mail-Order Brides project, I had an idea of what Dacey should look like.

I knew she had deep auburn hair and was cute, lively, and fun.

To arrive at this book cover, I went through quite a process of trial and error.

I thought you might like to see some of the images I thought about using before we reached this one…

Dacey head

I started with this head. She had a sweet face and the braid would have worked well for Dacey, once I changed the color.

JAcketDacey outfitThis jacket and skirt seemed like something Dacey would wear. The skirt is fun because once you remove that front button placket, it turns into a split skirt (which is important to the horse-riding Dacey).

Dacey Samples

I wasn’t sure I liked the brown color, then I tried yellow and blue.

It was at that point, I decided the red hair wasn’t working and just looked weird. And she needed to hold something other than a rope.


Dacey head 3I found a new Dacey.

And she got a different outfit in a lovely shade of teal blue. Along with a flat top cowboy hat.

Dacey outfit 2

It was important to me for Dacey to look original and different from the other 49 covers, yet still be appropriate for the time period.

When it was all said and done, I was really happy with the way the cover turned out. I think Dacey would be, too.

Would you like a little teaser from her story?

Here you go:

“Who are you?” she asked, grasping the railing as her head spun and her limbs trembled. She snatched the hat off her head and used it to fan her flaming cheeks.

Braxton released her elbow and took a step back. With a grand bow, he dipped in front of her, waving his hat in a courtly gesture before settling it back on his head. “Braxton James Douglas, at your service.”

“You… you’re Braxton Douglas?” Dacey’s face drained of all color and her legs ceased to hold her. She sank onto the step, clutching the rail in her hand to keep from tumbling down the stairs they’d just climbed. The hat slipped from her fingers, but she didn’t notice.

“Yes, ma’am. I am.” Braxton tossed her valise up to the top of the steps then took her hands in his, pulling her to her feet. “Welcome to my home, to Bramble Hall.”

“Braxton Douglas,” Dacey muttered, assaulted with dizziness, fear, and surprise.

The strong, charming man before her was nothing like the bookish little fellow she’d envisioned marrying.

All too aware of her attraction to this handsome stranger, she slipped into a state of shock, clinging to Braxton’s hands as the world spun around her.

Before blackness swamped her, she turned her face toward his and whispered the reason for her arrival. “I’m here to marry you.”


Remember, you can pre-order Dacey now! She releases Monday, Nov. 30!

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