Five Gift-Wrapping Ideas, Five Minutes, Five Dollars

duct tape

Back when Captain Cavedweller and I were first together, he would bring me gifts wrapped in things like paper bags or a plastic sack from the grocery store.

Once duct tape was even involved.

After that, I keep a supply of easy gift-wrapping supplies on hand and he knows where to find them.

Getting the gifts is awesome, but it boosts the excitement level up a notch when they come in pretty packaging.

Someone once said to me that she thought people could either get the gift or the wrapping and a card, but not both.

I think people should be able to do both without breaking the bank. Today, I’m going to share some tips on how to wrap gifts inexpensively.

In fact, here are five gift-wrapping ideas that you can do in five minutes and only spend five dollars (for all five!).


You can find this little video on You Tube.

So, for the gift-wrapping challenged – you can do this. Go out there and make your sweetheart’s Valentine present look fantastic!

She Who Loves to Wrap Gifts

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