Football Sale!

There is one occupant of our house that is ridiculously excited about the official start of football season tomorrow.

To honor this most anticipated event, I’m offering my football book on sale!

If you haven’t checked out Love at the 20-Yard Line, it’s on sale today through Sunday for only 99 cents! And if you’ve already read it, tell a friend to grab their copy while it’s on sale!

Love at the 20-Yard Line

Love 20-Yard Line Cover 03-14 Clueless.


Haven Haggarty is woefully inept when it comes to men and matters of the heart.

Successful in her job as an image consultant with an up-and-coming company, Haven wishes she  could enjoy as much triumph in her dating efforts. Coached by her outgoing cousin Allie in how to  play the game of love, she continually comes up short of the goal line.

Falling for the local arena team’s handsome wide receiver, Haven realizes she needs to tackle her fears and take Allie’s well-meaning advice seriously or miss the  opportunity to experience once-in-a-lifetime love.

Brody Jackson lives and breathes football. As a wide receiver for an arena team, he’s determined to make it back to the NFL. Cocky and confident, he doesn’t have the time or energy to be bothered with a serious relationship. Women are pretty to look at, fun to tease, and definitely not allowed to see behind the façade he shares with the world.

Carefully guarding his emotions, Brody is blindsided by the girl who captures his attention during the first game of the season and breaks through his defenses. Possessing all the skills and talent to be the best at his game, he isn’t properly equipped to play on the field of romance. Struggling to keep his thoughts aligned to his goals, Brody has to decide if he’ll score with love instead of fumbling his chance to win Haven’s heart.



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Meet Brody and Haven

Praise for Love at the 20-Yard Line

“Shanna captured perfectly how intense a romance can get while keeping the story interesting and fun. The relationship of Haven with her brothers was especially fun to read.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Her characters are a little edgier, and the passion is closer to the surface. Loved Brody and Haven.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I couldn’t put this book down!  The characters were interesting and the story kept me hooked from the beginning.”

Amazon Reviewer


Turning his gaze to her hair, his next objective was to lose the hair band binding that golden mane at the back of her head. He’d dreamed of what her hair would look like down, how it would feel with his hands buried in the curls, and he wasn’t leaving until he found out.

“What about your hair? How come you’ve always got it pulled back?”

Reaching a hand up to her hair, Haven didn’t even remember how she was wearing it. Feeling the hair band holding it in a ponytail, she tugged it out and stared at it lying on her palm.

“Old habit from growing up on a farm. Hair tends to get in the way when you’re outside working. At work, I like to keep a professional image with it up, and I pull it into a ponytail at home most times without thinking.”

“I see,” Brody said, taking the band from her hand and dropping it on the table next to her glasses before slowly threading his fingers into her
hair. It felt even better than he’d imagined and he drew closer, taking a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of it. He felt her lean into his hand and swallowed back a groan.

On the verge of devouring her with his growing longing, Brody gave himself a mental lecture to calm down and take things slow. He didn’t want t
scare Haven half to death the first time he really kissed her.

“Any more questions?” Haven smiled at Brody as he worked his hands through to the ends of her hair then wrapped a curl around one long finger.

The appearance of her dimples was his undoing. Grabbing her waist, he slid Haven closer then pressed his lips to each indentation in her cheeks
before turning his passionate gaze to hers.
“No more questions. I think we should seal this deal with a kiss,” Brody said, watching Haven’s eyes drift shut.

Brody knew kissing her would be amazing. What he hadn’t anticipated was the explosion of fiery heat in every nerve ending in his body. Her lips moving beneath his set him aflame with no hope of extinguishing the blaze.

In the next few seconds, Brody realized two important details. The first was that Haven touched places in his heart and soul he never even knew
existed. The second was that he’d never, in his lifetime, get enough of her kisses.

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