Friends are Good

This weekend my BFF (whom I’m no longer supposed to call BFF) also known as Miz Sunshine, came over for a play date.

We baked pies – a lot of them – from scratch. I think our husbands were quite pleased with the fruit of our labors.

We made quiche.

We ate chocolate mousse.

We laughed – a lot.

In general, we had a grand time. We always do. She speaks to my heart, makes me smile and likes me even though she knows the real me. If  that isn’t a friend, I don’t know what is!

She also came bearing a gift. A very wonderful, special, make-my-eyes-leak kind of gift.

It was a book entitled “Friends Are Good.” She wouldn’t let me read it while she was there, because we would have used an entire box of tissue and cried ourselves silly.

So I waited until she left to read it. And, oh, it was sweet.

The book is filled with friendship quotes. That in itself is enough to give me a bushel-load of warm fuzzies. But she wrote the most wonderful little notes throughout the book which made it something I will cherish forever and always.

If you follow me on facebook, you’ll get the opportunity to read some of the quotes this week as I’ll be posting one every day!

I can’t tell you how very blessed I am to have Miz Sunshine, my BFF, in my life!

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