I ran across this photo in a clip art file and loved it. I don’t know who these women are. What I do know is that they seem to be enjoying one another. They look like they know how to laugh and have a good time. They aren’t letting a little wind keep them from enjoying the day. The one on the right looks like she might even have more than her share of sass.

What really spoke to me, though was the friendship, kinship, that appears to be evident. We all need close friends who warm our hearts. Who make us laugh until we cry. Who offer a shelter against life’s storms.

I spent time Saturday with one of my very dear friends. It had been months since we’d spent more than a quick lunch together. You know, there really isn’t a lot of conversation that can take place in 45 minutes in a crowded restaurant. It was good to have that extra time to catch up on life, on dreams, on fears, on disappointments, on accomplishments.

Life gets so busy and hectic, especially this time of year. But once in a while we need to make the time to connect with the people who do our heart good. Who keep us in balance. Who can bring out the best in us and harness the sass.

She Who is Grateful for Good Friends

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