Gift of Faith Giveaway

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. To anyone who had family who served and sacrificed during World War II, you have my deepest gratitude.

In honor of this day of remembrance, I wanted to do something a little special. I’m giving away an autographed copy of Gift of Faith, a sweet novella set in World War II, along with some fun goodies.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is to hop over to a handy-dandy form and fill it out!

Today is also the day I’m launching a new project with my awesome friend Ciara Knight.


She and I are going to do a monthly Romancing the Recipe newsletter with recipes and some other fun things. If you’d like to get in on the goodies and recipes, just sign up here.

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5 Responses

  1. That is so incredibly kind of you! I had a great great Uncle who was on the Arizona and who thankfully survived Pearl Harbor. However, there was so many who didn’t and my husband and I still make a point of doing something every year to commemorate. God bless you and your writing! Wishing you many many successes in the future.

  2. My dad served in WWII, stationed in Hawaii. Thankfully he was not at Pearl Harbor. God bless those men and their families.

  3. My Dad was in the Army in WWII and was stationed in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. Thankfully he wasn’t injured or worse. He was a cook and I remember him making several recipes that he learned while there. The pineapple upside stands out in my mind the most! It was awesome!! Also had three uncles that served at that time, one Army, two Navy. Thanks to all who served!!

  4. My dad served in the Pacific but he was on Easter Island. My father in law served in Europe under General Patton. I pray that we never forget.

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