Gifts for Guys

If you are still looking for a few last minute gifts for the men in your life, here are a few ideas.

These ideas, of course, are for your outdoorsy, non-techie, manly men guys who are impossible to shop for.

Not that I have anyone like that living in my house. Nope. Not at all.

These boots, by Polo Ralph Lauren , are warm, comfortable and rugged. They have just a hint of fashion edge to them, which is the reason I was completely shocked when Captain Cavedweller not only wore them, but liked them. Edgy fashion is usually not something you would associate with mister T-shirts and lace-up boots. You can find these online at Macy’s.

Speaking of T-shirts, I buy all Captain Cavedweller’s from Duluth Trading. They have these wonderful Longtail T-shirts that are cut extra long, so active guys don’t have to worry about exposing parts of their anatomy when they bend over. Duluth has some great stuff for guys – and gals.

Most of the guys in my family really like jerky. Captain Cavedweller always has a stash on hand and Jeff Foxworthy’s brand is one of his favorites. You can pick up jerky every where from the gas station to stores like Bass Pro Shops. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

The men in my world seem to have gone mad for Airsoft guns. These imitation firearms shoot non-metallic pellets (similar to a BB gun). Maybe they are all having Ralphie flashbacks to their longing for a Red Rider BB Gun. Whatever the case, Crosman has a great selection from rifles to pistols.

Captain Cavedweller likes knives. He generally loses his pocket knife at least once a year and a favorite knife manufacturer of his is Buck. They have a great selection of everything from hunting knives to every day pocket knives. They even have pink ones for the outdoorsy girls (not that I would notice these things).

Coats are also high on Captain Cavedwellers like-a-lot list. The more outdoorsy and rugged they are, the better he likes them. I’ve never gone wrong getting him something from Filson. They have a great selection of coats, vests, hats and assorted and sundry outdoorsy guy stuff.

Last, but not least, are gift cards. If you can’t think of anything else to give, go for a gift card to a manly-man store. Captain Cavedweller gets quite excited over Cabela’s gift cards.

Have fun shopping for the men in your life!

She Who Is Glad to Be Done Shopping for CC

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