I stumbled across a great tool for writers the other day and wanted to share.

If you haven’t already discovered it, Ginger is a very helpful software program (that is free!) that helps you catch all sorts of mistakes and errors in your writing.

The program, which is a quick download to your computer, offers spell checking that not only tackles typos, it looks for phonetic spelling mistakes, irregular verb conjugations, similar sounding words, related words confusion, prepositions correction, verb correction, subject verb agreement, pronouns,  and nouns.

In addition, it also offers a grammar checker that looks for singular/plural noun corrections, misused words and consecutive nouns.

There is also a text to speech tool, which I have not used yet but am looking forward to trying out as I make final proofs on my next book.

Whether you are a “clean” writer who makes few mistakes or someone who is spelling or grammar challenged, check this out. I’ve only been using it about a week and have already found it to be very helpful. I’m sure my proofreaders wish I’d found Ginger sooner!

*Disclaimer – the folks at Ginger don’t know me and I’m not providing a paid endorsement… I just like the software!

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