Girl’s Getaway

This past weekend I gathered with the above group of wonderful women for our annual getaway.

We started this tradition a few years back at as a one-time get together. But we enjoyed it so much, it has become something we all look forward to each year. Last year, I highlighted our past excursions as Gallivanting Goddesses.

This year, we added my cousin’s fiancée to the group and she had the misfortune of rooming with me. I hope she has by now recovered.

For my part, though, I loved spending time not only with her, but the rest of our group.

These women know how to laugh and cry. They know how to offer encouragement and support. They know how to tease. And they really know how to shop.

A lot.

As we packed up our cars and prepared to head our separate ways toward home, we were already discussing plans for next year.

I think we all look forward to it and just enjoy that special time we have to connect, relate, and deepen our bonds of kinship and friendship.

No matter if you gather with one or a dozen, whether they are family or friends, I think everyone needs a special weekend now and again to reconnect, to grow, to just be.

She Who Loves This Group of Amazing Women

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