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Raising funds and awareness for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund

Read a Book, Help a Cowboy!

JCCF_2017 REVISED 10-04-17.jpgOctober 1 through December 24,  ten percent of the net proceeds from all of my book sales are donated to the

 Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund.

The JCCF is a non-profit organization that assists rodeo athletes who’ve sustained catastrophic injuries and are unable to work for an extended period. Every book purchased during this promotional period adds to the donation total. Don’t forget to include books on your Christmas lists!

Back in 2013, I was researching details for The Christmas Cowboy, the first book in the Rodeo Romance series. I wanted to know how much medical care an injured cowboy would receive at a rodeo versus going to the hospital.

In the story, the hero is a saddle bronc rider named Tate who sustains an injury at a rodeo. In an attempt to get my facts straight for the story, I reached out to the Justin Sportsmedicine Team®. Through mobile medical centers, they provide care at more than 125 PRCA rodeos annually. Their responses to my questions were extremely helpful and I was so impressed with them, I wanted to do a little something in return.

So I launched a campaign to donate a portion of my book sales to the JCCF during the month of December.

In 2015, I added the month of November to my promotion, giving two months to raise funds for JCCF. Then I extended the promotion period for my Read a Book, Help a Cowboy campaign to October 1!

If you enjoy rodeos and the cowboys who make them possible (or reading about them in books), I hope you’ll take a look at the JCCF. It’s a great organization that really does make a difference when these cowboys are injured.

And I hope you’ll take a look at my books, too!

Be sure to get your copy of A Cowboy Christmas  that includes interviews with rodeo cowboys who’ve received a hand up from the JCCF.

Remember, from October 1 through December 24, every book purchased helps benefit the JCCF! With more than 100 to choose from and formats of paperback, hardback, digital, and audio, there’s sure to be a book for everyone, including those on your holiday shopping list!

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