Give Yourself Respect

We’ve talked about self-love and self-care this month. Today, I wanted to share about self-respect.

I think this quote from Naval Ravikant sums up what self-respect is in a tidy nutshell: Ego is false confidence, self-respect is true confidence. 

Self-respect isn’t about having a big ego, or a better-than-you attitude, or thinking you are more important than others. Ego is showing the word only the good stuff in your life. Self-respect is knowing and accepting yourself for who you are.

Self-respect is about learning your worth, knowing your value, and being an advocate for yourself. It’s something vital for making mature decisions that impact your life and the lives of those around you.

Sometimes, it’s a hard concept to grasp, especially if you are someone who is overly critical of yourself.

Think of it this way, though: your inner self is your friend, not your enemy. Show yourself the same respect you would a treasured, trusted friend.

If you look at yourself through the lens of friendship instead of judge, jury, and executioner, you’ll find that life is suddenly so much sweeter.

Every relationship you have is a reflection of your relationship with your self.

Deepak Chopra

I believe that quote is very true. The more loving, kind, caring and respectful our relationship is with ourselves, the more that carries over into our relationships with others.

Self-respect is  believing yourself worthy of love, attention and respect. A belief that you are no less (or more!) than anyone else. It’s about setting boundaries with others, drawing a line in the sand about how you will and will not be treated.

When you respect yourself, you take care of your health (that includes physical, mental, and spiritual health).  You are kind to yourself, accepting of who you are, aware of your strengths and weaknesses, yet loving yourself as you would any other friend or loved one in your family.

Self-respect does not mean it’s okay to be arrogant or prideful. There is no grand-standing, bragging, pushing other people around, or being dismissive. Self-respect means you don’t intrude on others rights or beliefs, but you don’t allow them to walk all over yours. You respond to disagreements in a way that is dignified, strong, and clear, because you have true confidence in yourself and your beliefs.



Self-respect is about valuing your own unique and unrepeatable approach to living life. It is having an understanding and appreciation of your underlying character traits (good and bad).

When we give ourselves self-respect, we are really giving ourselves a precious gift – the gift of living our life authentically with personal integrity, guided by our own values. In doing so, we earn the respect of others.

And that’s a gift worth receiving, protecting, and cherishing.

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