Goodbye BFF

I recently read an article  that highlighted the most overused words of 2010. The point of the article was to say only losers of the worst degree would be using these words in 2011.

Because I’m a total puddin’ head this week, I can’t remember most of the words on the list. But three of them stuck in my sporadic memory.

Viral – I’ve never been fond of this word and it doesn’t bother me at all if it goes away. Every time I hear it, the word brings to mind thoughts of a raging disease, or at the very least, something decidedly germy and unpleasant. So, Viral, take your diseased self and go. Goodbye forever.

Man-Up – The first time I heard this phrase, I thought it was somewhat ridiculous. The 124th time I heard this phrase, I thought it was completely and utterly ridiculous. Especially when someone says it to a female. Seriously? I mean, beyond the fact it is physically and psychologically impossible, it’s just stupid.  Why can’t we use a good old-fashioned phrase like “take responsibility,” or “step up to the plate” (which was probably on one of those banned word lists at some point)?  I heard two children use this phrase the other day and to tell you the truth, it caught me a bit off guard. Farewell and good riddance to Man-Up. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

BFF – This one nearly made me cry. How will I tell my BFF that I can no longer call her my BFF? What moniker will convey the same feelings, the same level of connection?  Please don’t go, I’ve enjoyed you so this past year. This is a tragedy, I tell you. A complete tragedy! (That, and I’m much too lazy to want to type more than three letters when talking about my BFF). This may require some quiet time with good chocolate to overcome.  If you think of  any good replacement titles for BFF, please let me know. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your suggestions.


She who is word weary

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