Grace Lessons Week 13

A few weeks ago, I needed a publicity photo for a new project that I hope to be able to share with you soon.

I absolutely hate having my photo taken. I always have and probably always will.

Nevertheless, a photo was needed and I didn’t have much choice. “They” wanted either a photo of me cooking, eating, or writing.

Since a photo of me eating was completely off the table, I had Captain Cavedweller take a photo of me mixing up a chocolate cake.

Shanna Hatfield 2-16 b

I ended up not liking any of those photos. (Did I mention how much I loathe posing for a photo?)

So we attempted to stage a book signing type of photo.

Shanna Hatfield 2-16 a

Better – but I still wasn’t completely thrilled with it.

We moved on to my office where I sat in front of my computer and hoped one of the hundred photos my beloved snapped would work.

Shanna Hatfield 2-16

This one made the grade – barely. Mostly because I couldn’t stand to have one more photo taken.

CC assured me I’m my own worst critic and the way I see myself is not how others see me.

Which reminded me of my need to fill my world and my head with more moments of grace.


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