Grace Lessons Week 19

Yesterday at church, someone mentioned something about savoring each moment.

As I thought about the last time I stopped and just sat, enjoying a quiet moment, I realized it had been awhile.

Too often, I rush through my day, furiously working to finish a project or plan a promotion, or do whatever without taking time to enjoy the moments that make each day unique and special and so very blessed.


It got me thinking about grace and beauty, beauty and grace.

When I’m plowing through a day with a long to-do list, I miss the beauty in moments of grace. I also miss the grace in moments of beauty.

Isn’t it wonderful how those two things – grace and beauty – are twined together? There is grace in the beauty of a sunrise or a butterfly sipping sweet nectar for a flower. There is also beauty in the grace of forgiveness or a hand stretched out in love.

My goal this week is to spend more time (to make the time) to savor the moments of both beauty and grace and do my best to share a little of each with others.

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