Grace Lessons Week 23

grace letters

This past weekend my church hosted a special annual event with many guest speakers, some coming from as far away as Japan and Australia.

When I first arrived, the distracted thoughts in my head refused to be still and silent. But I needed so badly to hear the messages the speakers shared.

Sometimes life has a way of draining us, I mean really draining us to the point we feel so thoroughly parched and in need of rest and replenishment that we don’t even realize our dire need.

So, for the most part, I remained unplugged from technology this past weekend and plugged into something I so sorely needed.

As I listened to the heart-felt words of the speakers, I began to feel more at peace and relaxed.recharge-battery

And yes, this graphic is kind of cheesy, but it’s how I felt… recharged.

By the end of the event yesterday, I felt thoroughly enfolded in grace.

That’s a place I’m going to work diligently to remain for a good long while.

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