Grace Lessons Week 26


Last week, Captain Cavedweller and I went on vacation. We didn’t go anywhere tropical or far away.

Part of the trip was to allow me to do some research for two book projects.

But it was so, so nice to get out of our routines and spend time together.

One day, I sat on the balcony of our hotel room and read for hours. It was glorious!

It’s hard for me to leave my work, to unplug and relax. My mind seems to be on a continuous loop of all the things I need to be working on, all the things I want to accomplish.

One morning, as I was thinking of all the work waiting for me at home and trying to figure out how to squeeze in a few hours of work in our fully-scheduled day, I thought of the quote I posted above.

And from that moment on, I let the worry and thoughts of work go and just enjoyed the precious moments of wasting time with CC.

If you haven’t “wasted” any time lately doing something you enjoy, I highly recommend it. You’ll find so many measures of grace in those well-spent moments.

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