Grace Lessons Week 27


I spent an hour talking to someone the other day that I hadn’t seen in four years.

It was good to catch up on life with her, to hear how things were going so well in her world.

And she said something that just made my heart smile.

Three times during the course of our conversation, she stopped and looked at me, shook her head and said, “You just look so happy. So peaceful and happy.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how much her words meant to me. It reaffirms that I’m doing what I ought to be doing – fulfilling my purpose and place, if you will.

The last time she saw me I was working between 50-60 hours a week in a job that was, day by day, sucking the life out of me while struggling to write in the evenings and any spare moment I could find.

Looking back, I think of all the things I was the last time I saw her – fatigued, frustrated, despondent, angry.

No wonder she thought I looked different.

It isn’t just doing something I love to the core of my being every day that fills my heart and world with happiness. I chalk a lot of it up to learning to be grateful every single day, learning that happiness wells up from within, and grace is a beautiful, truly amazing thing.

I know I am so blessed in this life and I’m so very thankful for the opportunity to live it. My hope is to live it with an abundance of grace.

Having someone say, “You just look so happy. So peaceful and happy,” certainly provides some awesome inspiration.

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