Grace Lessons – Week 3

give away love and grace like you're made of it

This quote – is amazing and so, so true!

(And I love the cute graphic of the laughing little boy!)

Why do we hold back love and grace and all those wonderful good things that don’t cost us a penny to give but are priceless to the receivers?

I know I’ve been guilty of holding back more times than I want to count – so I’m trying to do better this year.

It is an inspiring idea to think of giving away love and grace like we’re made of “the stuff.”

Instead of rationing them out, what if we had the mindset that there is an abundant, endless supply. Even better – what if the more we give away, the more it generates – how great would that be?

So for those of you who already share love and grace with a free hand – thank you!

As for me, I’m going to try giving them away like candy at the beginning of a parade.

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