Grace Lessons Week 30

grace in all shapes and sizes

My life has felt a bit like a big ol’ chaotic mess lately. I can’t point to any one thing and say “that’s the reason! There is the cause of all the hoopla!”

I think it’s more of a combination of a hundred little things, all yammering away in my head saying, “we need some attention,” and “Hey, crazy lady! Don’t forget about us!”

In the last month, we’ve had out-of-town company (whom I so greatly enjoyed seeing), had a new storage barn built, gone on vacation, spent a week deep-cleaning every corner and crevice of the house (and the outside of the house), and hauled 32 tons of gravel (by hand – in a wheelbarrow) to the backyard for above mentioned barn to sit on. In addition, I’ve been working on book covers for two group projects I’m participating in later this year (and one of them involves creating 12 book covers), and did I mentioned the hours (days!) of research I’ve invested in the book I’m working on right now.

Okay. So none of that seems like such a big deal, but with research books scattered all over my desk, a mile-high stack of plastic tubs that need to be sorted through before we move them into the storage barn, more company coming tomorrow and deadlines looming ahead – things seem a little… well… messy today.

Which is why I love the quote above. And I think you can take it with two different meanings:

  1. Grace can be found in the tidy, neat places as well as those that are a chaotic mess. It’s what’s in the heart that matters.
  2. There is grace for every single person who accepts it regardless if they are a size 2 or a 22, short or tall, beautiful by worldly standards or plain… there is grace even if they look like little Pigpen from Charlie Brown.pigpen

So, to anyone else having a messy, chaotic, perfectly flawed day – you aren’t alone and there is grace in all that messiness.

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