Grace Lessons Week 31

Senior couple enjoy the sunset together

This weekend, Captain Cavedweller and I spent many, many hours working on a project neither one of us wanted to do, but it is something we have to finish sooner rather than later.

One of us pulled on a pair of cranky pants about an hour after we got started on the project (and it wasn’t me!).

In fact, CC was so grumpy, I actually told him he needed a time-out. (Yeah, that makes me giggle this morning, too.)

In fairness, though, he spent the week working in 100+ degree heat and he is out in that heat anywhere from five to seven hours straight. Also, something bit him on his ring finger that required a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics to fight the infection. He spent two days with a hand so swollen, he couldn’t even bend his fingers.

The other thing I must share is that Captain Cavedweller is such an easy-going, laid-back guy, he rarely loses his cool. I could count the number of times in a year he is truly grouchy and cross on one hand and still have fingers left over.

Goodness knows he puts up with my whackadoodleness that runs the gamut of bouncing off the walls happy to introverted neurotic freakazoid.

As I thought about our weekend , about the stupid project that is nearing completion (thank goodness), and his crankiness,  grace and forgiveness kept coming to mind.

That’s why I liked the quote I shared above so much. Grace and forgiveness are such vital aspects of marriage.

There are times we all need grace and forgiveness. All of us. Especially someone who typically is the one extending it to others.




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